Trang Ti of Ngo Thanh Van – Under legal perspective [Eposide 1]



For a long time, the Tet holiday’s cinema has always received a lot of interest from the audience as an indispensable mental dish in the early days of the new year. However, when it was close to the Lunar new year 2021, ” Trang Ti” – a movie expected to be a “popcorn thrills”, a “child given birth” by Ngo Thanh Van, received much criticism and boycott from the community due to the allegation of “infringement”.


A lot of questions and arguments have been raised and linked to the copyright issue of Trang Ti as:
– The filmmaker of “Trang Ti” was alleged to infringe the copyright rights of Trang Ti’s sole author-artist Le Linh;

– In the trailer of “Trang Ti” recently, the S letter image on the actor Trang Ti’s shirt, which is believed to be the symbol of Vietnam – was removed and replaced by other designs.


Trạng Tí 1

“Trang Ti” official poster from Studio 88 of Ms. Ngo Thanh Van


As soon as the wave of boycott from the public opinion arose, on the night of December 22, 2020, the filmmaker had information about the case as follows:

– The filmmaker has conducted negotiations with Phan Thi company since 2016 – 2018 to acquire the copyright of 5 episodes “Than dong Dat Viet”. The producer claimed the process of negotiating and signing the contract was legal, as at that time, the film producer did not know about the lawsuit between Phan Thi and Le Linh.

– In 2019, after learning about the lawsuit between Phan Thi and Le Linh, the moviemaker arranged a meeting with Le Linh and asked him to join the film project as a consultant. Since then, the film producer has met Le Linh to work on the issues related to the film. However, Le Linh has denied all rights and interests from the manufacturer. Le Linh also raised his voice to confirm the information above from the production side.


In fact, Phan Thi Educational media and Entertainment LLC (Phan Thi) was granted the Certificate of copyright no. 246/2002/QTG, 247/2002/QTG, 248/2002/QTG, 249/2002/QTG on May 07, 2002, by Copyright office Vietnam (COV) and was confirmed to be the owner of the product. However, in addition to the appellate civil judgments 774/2019/DSPT on September 3, 2019, on the dispute over the intellectual property rights of the Ho Chi Minh city people’s court, Le Linh was recognized as the sole author of the form of 4 main characters in this comic book.


So, as a wise reader, facing controversial opinions from the public, how do you think about the “intellectual property rights of Than dong Dat Viet”?


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