Some thoughts on restructuring the legal department in banking operation


The legal department is functioned to help enterprises operate legally, efficiently and minimize legal risks. The legal department, as a controller, inspects all legal issues in the banking operation. Therefore, this department needs to have the most general knowledge of law related to an enterprise, consulting, and settling the problems of the enterprise.


However, reality shows that there are too many gaps in implementing and controlling the legal department. To find out the main reasons, efficient and valuable solutions to this issue, V&N is pleased to introduce to you the article “Một số suy nghĩ về kiện toàn pháp chế trong hoạt động ngân hàng” – published on the Banking Review no 16 – august 2010 – Lawyer and LLM. Nguyen Thuy Trang. With these solutions, the banks can develop the performance of the enterprise’s business, avoid the overlap of the task, and the problem “to be the judge in one’s case”, or “Everybody’s business is nobody’s business” when performing an in-house role.


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