Inheritance – Should there be a will?


Gunther IV is a German dog that owns 375 million dollars (about 8.7 trillion VND) inherited from his father is also a dog (named Gunther III). Gunther III is the pet of a German countess named Carlotta Liebenstein. In 1992, after Mrs. Carlotta’s death, her entire estate inherited the dog Gunther III at her will.


Gunther IV – The dog inherits the greatest fortune


Does this “fairy tale” happen in Vietnam? When you leave a part of your fortune by will for your pet, can that be accepted in Vietnam? Record a video and upload it on Youtube to get likes. Can it be used as a will? Feeling dissatisfied with your wife, not mentioning her name in the will, does she suffer?


To answers these questions, let’s find out with Ph.D. Vuong Thanh Thuy about inheritance under wills according to Vietnamese laws.



[Café sáng]  Law on Inheritance and regulations that all citizens need to know and understand about their rights and obligations – 17.05.2018

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