Apartment for hourly rent: What are the laws prohibited?


As an apartment owner, if there is already another place to live, everyone wants to use their property to generate and optimize profits. Renting an apartment is one of the most popular ways for an owner to benefit from their property. However, the lease, the purpose, and the lease date are necessary to pay careful attention to by the law. Formerly, to optimize costs, businesses often rented apartments for business registration as well as working offices. Currently, most people are aware that this behavior is not allowed.


Ph.D. Vuong Thanh Thuy gives an opinion on renting apartments by the hour.


During the problematic state of the real estate market due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the advantages of the short-term use of apartment space, apartment rental for hourly rent, or short-term have developed. As the house owner, if individuals can manage these activities, they can completely agree with the tenants. However, the story about right or wrong or violating the law on houses needs to be analyzed. The hourly rent can be only a few hundred thousand to several million VND, but the fine for this behavior can be many times higher.


Let’s figure out this issue with Café Sáng and Ph.D. Vuong Thanh Thuy.


[Café Sáng] Prohibit apartments for hourly rent – 10.10.2020


Therefore, during the Covid-19 epidemic and global economic crisis, apartments for hourly rent are pretty popular. This “livelihood” is a form of business contrary to the provisions of the law and should consider before implementation.

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