V&N is a law firm that concentrates on providing services for legal issues and litigation in Vietnam. The most significant advantages of V&N are the broad background of knowledge in the field of laws as well as the variety of practical experience built up by a group of professional Lawyers and Experts from the main office located in Hanoi.


V&N gathers a group of top-tier heads in Vietnam, who represent the combination of great knowledge and the wealth of experience. The Lawyers and Partners of V&N include Lawyers who are highly experienced from professional law firms, lecturers from law education institutes, namely as: Hanoi Law University, Foreign Trade University, Prosecution Academy, Vietnam Court Academy; the advisors of V&N have been holding important positions at many organizations and bodies in the fields of Intellectual Property, Industry and Trade, Investment, Environment, Labour… Most of V&N’s people were trained and educated in highly developed countries such as the US, England, Russia, Germany, Sweden…


V&N always heads toward the basic and fundamental values in the practice of laws.
The effectiveness of services provided by V&N is secured by the wide, strong and supportive network of relationships. The guideline principle of V&N is to satisfy the clients’ demands with the following qualities: effectiveness, timely manners, brevity of procedures, affordability of charges.


V&N always desires to be amongst the top-tier law firms in the field of private law, to gain the clients’ satisfaction as they use the services provided by us and to be the faithful partner of all customers. In order to fulfil that aim, V&N provides legal services that meet the following requirements:

Quality and Effectiveness

V&N understands that, in the area of providing legal services, the precise, flexible comprehension and appliance of laws are the key factor. With the squad of Lawyers having broad background of knowledge and practical experience in the field of laws, V&N could assure that the solutions for the legal problems would come in the most optimal and flexible way, thus, could lead to the most beneficial results for Clients.

Timely and Professional manner

With the modern and optimal data management systems and professional methods of working, after receiving the Clients’ legal requests, V&N would give out the solution for tackling the issues thoroughly and promptly to guarantee every Clients’ rights and interest.

Confidentiality and Truthfulness

The procedure of keeping information confidential is the top priority that all V&N’s Lawyers and Staffs must sort out. This is the vital foundation for the absolute faith of Clients on V&N’s services.

Affordability, Clearness and Transparency of charges

With the desire of providing legal services which are affordable for everyone, V&N will offer the most suitable charges. Furthermore, V&N also guarantees that the practicing of financial works with the Clients would be totally clear and transparent.


Besides the activities of organizing training courses on legal issues for legal-affairs-officers in many large-scaled Business Groups, Corporations from a variety of areas, V&N also provides legal support for Governmental and International projects, gives legal advices at no cost for individuals who are under preferential treatment policies, elderly people, low-income families, people with serious difficulties in remote areas.