V&N offers extensive and comprehensive legal education and training programs. We have a team of experienced lawyers and lecturers teaching from many famous law universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi Law University, Foreign Trade University, Procuracy University, Court Academy … With experts, lecturers with many years of experience in the field of teaching, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality lectures, in accordance with the reality of the market and with each type and field that businesses, agencies and organizations are interested in.

Time and Lecture Structure
Our training classes are usually arranged as a discussion, exchange or long training classes. Based on the legal foundation, the principles of the law, the lecturers of V&N always try to give lectures that are easy to understand, follow the reality of the market and the operation of enterprises, agencies and organizations. Learners can understand most clearly and connect with the work that learners will apply to perform after each course.

Training objectives
For each training course, customers will receive:
An overview of the Vietnamese legal system, as well as the Court system and actual cases;
Understand the legal nature and practicality of each topic being taught and discussed;
Content, Slide lecture with detailed and clear notes.

V&N is ready to organize lectures, training courses according to customers’ requirements. Our lecturers often organize legal training courses at the request of agencies, organizations and enterprises nationwide.

Special training courses:
Training and educating professional legal issues about business
Training and educating professional legal issues about labour and employment
Providing legal training and education on issues relating to Contracts
Professional training and workshops on Intellectual Property related issues
Training and education professional legal issues about Banking activities

If you want to know more information about training courses, trainers, please contact us at email address: vuongnguyen@vuongnguyen.vn
Our extensive legal training courses are always updated and publicly announced in the News and Announcements section of the Company.