The team of rights enforcement and dispute resolution in intellectual property of V&N has experience in all aspects of intellectual property, including patent, designs, trademarks (Anti – counterfeiting), copyright (against infringement) domain names, trade names, trade secrets and anticompetitive.
With high-quality personnel, we advise and support clients in establishing, maintaining intellectual property rights and enforcing those rights in Vietnam. Enforcement and legal proceedings in the intellectual property law always require strong coordination between lawyers, between lawyers and the government, so we always try to build and maintain the relationship with the competent agencies, including NOIP, tax authorities, customs, anticompetitive authorities, market authorities, arbitrations and court’s system. Above all, V&N’s lawyer team is considered to be the top option in ensuring enforcement and procedures in Vietnam.



We are the leaders in the creative and effective use of policies that are aimed at preventing the production of fake products, copyright violations and any variation of that behavior. We adhere to the verified and innovative methods, based on specific cases. We use diverse methods, from civil methods, penal methods to administrative tools against violations and especially working closely with competent agencies. Our services in this field include:

Identify, investigate and research intellectual property rights;

Anti-counterfeiting, copyright infringement and preventive measures (Include public relationships);

Warning, negotiating, communicating, dispute resolution and taking proceedings;

Represent and protect clients from the competent agencies (Include the NOIP, tax agencies, customs, market management agencies, anticompetitive agencies, arbitration and the court’s system); and

Ensuring IP enforcement.