We have a team of lawyers who are highly experienced knowledgeable, in the field of intellectual property / internet / regulations on domain name and have a strategic vision of business. With this team, V&N can support clients in establishing, maintaining and enforcing the rights and interests associated with domain names in Vietnam. We provide practical, high – quality advices, and other necessary services throughout the registration process. Not only responding problems and consequences, but V&N also provides clients with optimal solutions in each specific case, ensuring that the case is solved quickly, effectively, and economically. Above all, V&N’s domain team is considered a top option in the area of domain protection in Vietnam.



We advise and support clients in determining the ability to protect, providing advices on registration and other procedures to achieve maximum advantages in maintaining and protecting domain names. Our services in this field include:

Consulting on registration, maintenance, using and protection of domain names;

Represent clients to work with competent agencies and third parties;

Consulting on violation, protection before violations and enforcement (Include initiate a lawsuit against the violation);

Domain names’ dispute resolution.