We have a highly experienced and professional copyright team, not only in the field of copyright and intellectual property in Vietnam but also in international laws and agreement, treaty regulating the registration and enforcement of copyright all over the world. With this team, we can assist customers in establishing, maintaining and exercising their copyrights in Vietnam. We provide practical, high – quality advices as well as other necessary services throughout the registration process. Not only responding the information that causes the consequences, we also offer customers solutions. Above all, our team is considered to be the top choice in copyright’s protection in Vietnam.



We advise and support clients in determining the availability, providing advices on registration and other procedures to achieve maximum advantages in license agreement and the protection of copyright. Our services in this field include:

Checking the availability;

Researching on the ownership and the availability;

Counseling on registration, usage and protection;

Negotiating and drafting contracts related to the creation, ownership, license, transfer and copyright charges (in accordance with license contracts under the scope of the copyright);

Consulting on infringement and protection before the copyrightinfringement (Include initating lawsuits against the infringement);

Copyright’s dispute resolution;