V&N has a highly skillful and experienced team of lawyers in patent, industrial design, utility solutions, intellectual property Vietnam and international laws and regulations governing the registration and enforcement of the patent, industrial design, utility solutions. Moreover, V&N’s patent lawyers also graduate from various technical fields such as engineering, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, pharmacology, and informatics, architecture and can work in group to provide comprehensive services. Above all, V&N’s patent and industrial design lawyer team are considered a top choice in the protection and enforcement of IP rights in Vietnam.



Nowadays, inventions and industrial design are becoming increasingly important and valuable among the intangible assets owned by the clients. V&N provides practical, creative advices toward the market to help clients protect and manage the inventions, industrial designs, and utility solutions strategically. V&N services in this field include:

Registration of inventions, industrial designs and utility solutions;

Building a protection strategy;

Patent, industrial design, utility solution license agreement;

Enforcement of rights and disputes resolution related to inventions, industrial designs, utility solutions.

In addition, the system of superior computer database allows V&N to manage up-to-date and accurate profile of patent, industrial design, utility solutions and remind clients to pay charges to maintain the validity of the patents, extend the validity of the industrial design, maintain the validity of the  utility solutions on a free basis.