V&N provides a wide range of legal services in all areas of business in Vietnam. Our lawyers are experts working with foreign investors in many complex cases and are committed to ensuring the professional standards of international law firms. In addition, one of our strengths is our deep understanding of the laws and legal system of Vietnam. With its potentials and strengths, V&N is always ready to bring to our customers legal services, including:

Providing legal consulting services related to all areas of the Commercial Law of Vietnam;
Legal judgments against standards set by international financial institutions;
Represent customers before courts, arbitration agencies, competent authorities or partners;
Assisting customers in negotiating and negotiating business, settling disputes and evaluating and evaluating transactions;
Supporting customers to negotiate trade; and
Drafting contracts and other legal documents in accordance with international law and Vietnamese law provisions.

V&N also provides support services in Investment field in Vietnam. These services include legal and commercial translation, administrative assistance in working with government agencies, implementing the required licensing and approvals from the authorities.

Vuong Thanh Thuy



Dr. Vuong Thanh Thuy has served at Hanoi Law University as a lecturer for almost 20 years. During this period, Dr. Thuy Vuong also took part in many teaching activities in several universities. In additional, Dr. Thuy Vuong was the legal consultor and counsellor for many well-known law firms in Vietnam such as Phuoc&Partners, Tin&Tam… and she also worked as the Senior consultor at Hanoi Law University – Law Consultant Center. Dr. Thuy Vuong achieved her broadly practical knowledge through handling legal cases for clients in a variety of areas of laws such as: civil law, corporation law, contract, investment, real estate, intellectual property, international trading and providing litigation arguments.