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Tran Thi Huyen



Enterprise and Enterprise Management

Civil Contract and Commercial Contract

Labor Code

Law on Marriage and Family


Lawyer Tran Huyen is a lawyer from the Hanoi Bar Association and the Vietnam Bar Federation, has numerous years working in real estate corporate, minerals corporate, and retail services corporate.

Lawyer Tran Huyen has experience in building enterprise management systems, business document systems, especially decentralization, authorization system; human resources management to soothe and tighten business operation

Attorney Tran Huyen has participated in building, presiding over building a form of contract applicable to regular production and business activities of the Enterprise, helping to shorten the time for contract negotiations with partners, improve business efficiency, protecting the legal rights and interests of the business.

Lawyer Tran Thi Huyen has joined in resolving many disputes in commercial business and protecting corporate interests in criminal cases related to property infringement (infringement on the corporate property).

Lawyer Tran Thi Huyen has experience consulting experience in buying, selling, converting the type of business.

Lawyer Tran Thi Huyen has participated in consulting resolution to marriage and family disputes.

Education and professional qualifications

Bachelor of Laws – Hanoi Law University

Bachelor of Administration – National Academy of Public Administration.

Lawyer from the Hanoi Bar Association and the Vietnam Bar Federation.